The Five (5) Ss of passing an examination

Dr. Yemisi Olawore

Dr. Yemisi Olawore

By Dr. Yemisi Olawore

Set Goals

Not setting goals is another way of saying one is going nowhere. Know what you want to achieve in an examination, the scores you want to have. Write them down and put in a place where you can easily see it. This motivates you to keep going.


Many believe that rest is only needed when one is sick. However, when studying for your exam, being well-rested is a key point to doing great in the examination. Lack of rest brings tiredness. A tired person can hardly do well in an examination. Sleeping well is the best way to rest before an examination. Get enough sleep.


An hungry stomach will greatly affect your concentration, eat well before an examination. Taking healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables will help a great deal as it will give the right vitamins needed for a good focus and concentration.


Take enough time to study your notes, know what is required in the syllabus and what your examiner wants. Researching wide is a great idea but for the purpose of a particular examination, it would be wise to stay focused on your syllabus and notes.

Solve past questions:

This helps you see how far you’ve gone in your study and what is left to be covered. This also helps to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the subject of study. After solving past questions you would know whether you’re ready for a particular examination or not.