About Us

About e-School Box

e-School Box is  an e-Learning platform driven with  a commitment to providing quality education to people and communities who are lacking access to quality education. We utilize e-school box which is a mobile local WiFi system that deploys e-learning courses without internet .
We also use this on-line portal to deploy the same content to everyone on the internet.

Our reach knows no bound; from people in urban regions to those living in rural communities without basic internet facilities.

Digital Divide

In the last 15 years, we have seen the number of connected internet users increase from 5.8% to 56.8% of the world population (Source: Internet World Statistics). But what about the 43% – the 3.2bn people who have no internet access?

As technology advances, ICT can offer a wide range of opportunities for socioeconomic development.

However, there are many inequalities worldwide and challenges to be overcome if the digital divide is to be bridged.

The digital divide refers to the gap between those who have access to ICT and those who do not.

The rest of the world without internet connectivity are missing out of benefiting quality education from e-learning technologies.

A large cluster of African countries currently have a comparatively low capacity to adapt to the requirements of future jobs

Bridging The Digital Divide

There is need to take education to the growing youth population in the less developed nations of the world. Our offline e-learning solution is a unique service to the communities world-wide that are underserved by internet service providers. We deploy education to those communities without internet connectivity.

We are setting new horizon for e-learning in rural communities